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ADULT Training PROGRAMS & services

Our Adult Training Programs and Services are designed to functionally strengthen adults by increasing mobility and range of motion along with building lean muscle and cardiovascular endurance. Most adults may have physical limitations of some sort that hinders the way you walk, run, exercise, workout, play sports, or play with our kids. This could partly be due to a current or existing injury that may have occurred years ago, but is still causing frequent pain, weakness, stiffness, or soreness in certain parts of the body. 

Our Adult Training Programs and Services Focus on the Following:

  • Flexibility, Mobility, and Range-of-Motion​

  • Stability and Balance

  • Cardiovascular Endurance

  • Lean Muscle Development

  • Muscle Development and Weight-Gain

  • Weight Loss

  • Post-Injury Strengthening

  • Functional Strength Training

Adult Personal Training programs

Our Adult Personal Training Programs are customized programs that are tailored, designed, tracked, and executed based on your specific needs, wants, goals, and physical limitations. A physical assessment is conducted prior to the start of your program so that your strength coach can develop an effective program that is relative to you and your goals. Our individualized adult programs are designed around your strengths, weaknesses, imbalances, past or present injuries, and anything that may be discovered during your initial assessment. Personal training sessions must be scheduled with a strength coach in advance, so our strength coaches are ready and prepared to take you through an efficient and effective workout that is programmed specifically for the things YOU need to work on. Personal training participants are tested periodically to track and follow their progress and development. Programs are altered and modified depending on how you are progressing throughout the program.


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