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YOUTH & Teen Training PROGRAMS

Our Youth Training Programs and Services are designed for young athletes who want to separate themselves from the rest by STANDING OUT rather than blending in. Whether you are looking to help your young athlete reach the next level, develop more confidence, or simply live a healthier and active lifestyle, we have a program or can develop a program that fits your needs and goals. 

Our Sports-Performance Programs are designed to make your elementary, middle, high school, or college athlete quicker, stronger, and faster while building confidence, proper work ethic, and preventing as many injuries as possible. We understand the necessary athletic components like speed, power, strength, explosiveness, acceleration, deceleration, change-of-direction, and flexibility that are needed to help make today’s young athlete successful, confident, and resistant to injury.   


Our Youth Sports-Performance Programs Focus on the Following:

  • Flexibility, Mobility, and Range of Motion
  • Balance and Stability

  • Proper Running Form and Technique

  • Sprint Mechanics

  • Speed, Agility, and Quickness

  • Strength, Power, and Explosiveness

  • Acceleration, Deceleration, and Change of Direction

  • First-Step Quickness and Reaction

  • Vertical Jump Development

  • Cardiovascular Endurance 

youth sports peformance training

Whether you are actively playing sports, looking to start playing sports, or simply want to gain weight or lose weight, our Youth Training Programs are customized programs that are tailored, designed, tracked, and executed based on your specific needs, your goals, and any past or present injuries or limitations. A youth physical assessment or a youth athlete assessment is conducted prior to the start of your program so that your strength coach can develop an effective program that is relative to you and your goals. Personal training sessions must be scheduled with a strength coach in advance, so our strength coaches are ready and prepared to take you through an efficient and effective workout that is programmed specifically for the things YOU need to work on. Personal training participants are tested periodically to track and follow their progress and development. Programs are altered and modified depending on how you are progressing throughout the program. 

youth & teen Personal training programs


Youth & Teen Sports-performance classes


Our youth sports-performance classes always focus on increasing and developing flexibility, mobility, balance, coordination, and core 360-degree core strength (abs, obliques, and lower back). The classes are broken down by age groups so that your children and teens are taken through age-appropriate workouts, exercises, and drills that will help them improve and develop, not cause injury.  


Unlike personal training programs, class participants are not given initial assessments and are not tracked and tested periodically to track performance and personal development. 


We keep the class sizes limited to 12 members so that each member can have individual attention if needed while attending the class. Smaller class size maximizes the progress and development of each member.

We have two types of sports-performance classes available:

Youth & teen speed, agility and quickness classes

These classes incorporate various exercises and drills to help increase your speed when moving in all directions, not just linear movement. Athletes need to be able to accelerate, decelerate, change direction quickly, and instantly be ready to move in any direction with speed and power. 


Our Speed, Agility, and Quickness Classes Focus on the Following:


  • Proper dynamic warm-up drills and exercises
  • Running form and Technique

  • Lateral movement form and mechanics

  • Acceleration and deceleration

  • Change of direction and reaction

  • Multi-directional first-step quickness

  • Recovery methods

  • Proper cool down exercises and stretches

youth & teen strength, power, and explosive classes

These classes incorporate various age-appropriate strength and plyometric exercises to help build more strength, power, and explosiveness on the field and/or court. Utilizing proper form and technique is very important and is the only way our young athletes get to use external resistance loads like weights, barbells, dumbbells, resistance bands, medicine balls, etc. 


  • Elementary and Middle School Classes


The classes for elementary and middle school children will focus more on bodyweight technique using different modalities. If proper form is being used consistently, then they may be allowed to use light resistance loads as long as they maintain the correct form the entire time. 

  • High School Classes


The high school classes take different approach than the elementary and middle school classes do because the participants attending these classes are usually older, stronger, and more mature. The classes are safe, but more intense and are programmed to use external resistance loads (weights, barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, etc. consistently in the workouts and exercises. Safety is always the priority, and the focus is always on each participant using proper form and technique before increasing the weight they are using. 


Our Strength, Power, and Explosive Classes Focus on the Following:

  • Proper dynamic warm-up drills and exercises
  • Proper activation and muscle recruitment drills and exercises

  • Body weight strengthening form and technique (youth classes)

  • Proper form and technique when lifting weights (teen classes)

  • How to listen to your body and knowing when to stop (teen classes)

  • Vertical and linear jumping power

  • Post-injury strengthening and injury prevention strengthening

  • Recovery methods

  • Proper cool down exercises and stretches

Youth & Teen team training

For those teams that would prefer to develop and train together to strengthen the whole chain as one unit, instead of a few links, we have training packages for you. 


For team training, we require a minimum of 6 participants. If we exceed 15 participants, more than one strength coach will be present. The team training programs cover the same injury-prevention methods, speed, agility, strength, power, and explosive factors that the other youth and teen sports-performance programs work on, except the program can be tailored to sports-specific strength and movement training, exercises, and drills that are directly related to their specific sport. 


Initial Sports-Performance Assessments are conducted on the entire team prior to the team starting their training. We do this so each strength coach can properly build an effective program based on what was initially discovered and the goals of the coach and members of the team. The initial assessment does not count as one of training sessions. We like to build and establish a baseline so that first day of training is not a “meet and greet”, but the first day of grinding. 

cost of team training

Our first-class strength and conditioning coaches deliver a training regimen based on knowledge of scientific theory and current research-based guidelines, which will ensure every athlete to achieve great gains in personal performance while surpassing their personal best. The Athlete’s Playground not only focuses on athletes, but also provides training programs for those trying to better themselves with a healthier lifestyle, whether that is weight loss, rehabilitation, cardiovascular improvement, or general heath.


Our strength and conditioning programs are designed for both adults and youth, but are uniquely programmed to target the specific age group. In other words, our adult training programs are designed specifically for adults, and our youth strength and conditioning programs are designed specifically for youth.​

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